Phase 1 Environmental Risk Assessments

Our Phase 1 Environmental Risk Service

A Phase 1 Environmental Risk Assessment (otherwise known as a desktop or preliminary assessment) is a critical first step in ensuring land contamination matters are understood.

Our simple, efficient and cost-effective Phase 1 service is ideal for those looking to quickly and easily obtain planning permission or understand land condition risks as part of a property transaction. Our team of experts will do all they can to help you move your project forward and will strive to eliminate the need for costly and often unnecessary further assessment work.

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    What’s included:

    Our contaminated land risk assessments are compiled based on a professional review of historical land use, geological records and environmental sensitivity.

    We recommended that a site inspection be included as part of the assessment, but we can discuss your specific requirements with you.

    Each risk assessment includes the following.

    Environmental Risk

    For fulfilling planning conditions

    • Site inspection
    • Tailored to National Planning Policy Framework
    • Contamination planning condition discharge
    • Regulatory liaison
    • Preliminary risk assessment
    • Risk summary and actions
    • Enhanced Assessments (Optional)
    • Flood risk screen
    • Coal Mining Authority Report

    For buying or selling land

    • Identification of current site activities with potential to cause environmental harm
    • Statutory liability under Part 2A EPA 1990
    • Environmental permitting obligations and associated constraints
    • Recommendations for ongoing environmental compliance and improvements that may be required
    • Flood risk screen as standard
    Construction machinery. Phase 1 Environmental Assessments


    We are leading experts in Phase 1 assessments and pride ourselves on getting things done quickly and right the first time around. If you’re looking for a fast, affordable and hassle-free route to obtaining planning permission, the team at Ashfield is here to help.

    Our Phase 1 reports are specifically designed to meet the needs of planning conditions, and can provide an assessment of risks prior to property and land purchase.

    Our experts are always on hand to discuss the findings of our reports, cutting through the jargon to summarise what it all means and what you need to do next.

    Plus, when it comes to planning matters, we have substantial experience in liaising with regulators on behalf of our clients to speed up the approval process – saving you further time and hassle. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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    The Process

    Curious about how our Phase 1 Environmental Risk Assessments work? Like our other services, they follow a simple, step-by-step process.

    Step 1

    Get in touch with us, specifying the service you require.

    Step 2

    We’ll respond with more information about the service, how it works and what we need from you.

    Step 3

    Once we have all the information we need, we’ll get to work and begin the assessment process.

    Step 4

    We’ll issue you with a comprehensive report outlining our findings.

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    At Ashfield, we work with homebuyers, business owners, investors and property developers.

    Whether you’re planning on purchasing land for redevelopment or need planning permission to be granted in order to progress your home renovation project, the experienced and friendly team here at Ashfield Solutions can give you the clarity you need. Find out more about us below.

    Why choose us?

    With a wealth of experience and hundreds of happy customers to our name, Ashfield Solutions is one of the UK’s leading Phase 1 environmental risk assessment specialists. Here’s why.

    • Talented, friendly and highly qualified team
      All reports compiled and carried out in accordance with relevant industry codes of practice
    • Multiple, trusted data sources and expert analysis for unparalleled insight
    • We cover the entirety of the UK, working with homebuyers, business owners, investors and developers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Assessment? + -

    A Phase 1 Preliminary Contaminated Land Assessment is the initial step in evaluating the potential environmental risks associated with a site or proposed development. It is a literature or “desktop” based assessment, designed to provide an overview of the potential risk of land or groundwater contamination to site end-users, including residents and workers, as well as the surrounding environment.

    Who are Phase 1 Contaminated Land Reports intended for? + -

    Typically, these reports are used by:

    • Property developers
    • Property professionals such as architects, planning consultants and land agents
    • Lawyers and solicitors
    • Lenders, banks or mortgage providers
    • Businesses
    • Insurance companies

    Why might a Phase 1 Contaminated Land Report be required? + -

    In most cases, these reports are required for:

    • Fulfilling planning conditions
    • For land and property purchase
    • For the sale or divestment of a site
    • Due diligence
    • Lending, mortgages, pension funds

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