Flood History Check

Detailed Flood History Check

We can undertake a full, detailed flood history report within a 3 working day turnaround.

Flood Survey

Get site-specific flood mitigation advice for your
property or business.

Need further advice?

If you require a more detailed Assessment, Ashfield can help you find the correct solution.

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Ashfield offers a comprehensive range of flood risk solutions for both commercial clients and homebuyers. Whether you want to initially check your flood risk or have been told that you need to undertake further investigation or flood assessment, please feel free to get in touch so that we can help guide you on the correct path.

What is my flood history?

Home and business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the risks associated with Flooding and Climate Change. Ashfield can quickly and economically undertake a Flood History Check that can help you better understand the flooding history in your area.

Knowing the flood history can help if you’re thinking about moving to a new house, looking for affordable home insurance, or just want to be better prepared in future.


Flood History Data

Ashfield’s Flood History Database uses multiple flood history data sources to provide you with the most detailed desktop insight in your area, covering England and Wales. Data sources include:

  • Environment Agency Flood History Data
  • Natural Resources Wales Flood History Data
  • Local Authority data for all councils across England and Wales
  • Anecdotal evidence as well as historical photographic evidence where available.

Our Flood History Database includes records of flooding from the following sources:

  • Rivers
  • Sea
  • Surface Water
  • Reservoirs
  • Groundwater

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