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Understanding potential risks and turning problems into opportunities is what we do best.

We are an independent consultancy transforming environmental risk and sustainability management for all sizes of residential, commercial properties and construction developments.

Our input is invaluable, helping you to save time, expense and worry.

We support all stages of the asset lifecycle, deliver strategic environmental risk assessment services and adhere to environmental compliance.

Environmental Solutions

Setting the standard of excellence

Companies enjoy working with us, and clients always return. Our consultants are at the forefront of environmental risk and material management.

Whether you are a homebuyer, real-estate investor, construction developer, or business owner we can work together to tailor the right solution. Our expert knowledge is our strength, and we will look after you every step of the way.

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Meet our Directors

Chris Marshall

Two decades of working on the assessment and remediation of environmentally contentious sites has armed Chris with an exceptional sense for detail. As an Ashfield founding member, his value driven attitude ensures that clients are always provided with the best possible decision making advice. As the Ashfield Commercial Director, Chris is also a Chartered Biologist (CBiol), and also holds a Stanford postgraduate degree in Strategic Decision and Risk Management (SRDM).

Oliver Baldock

Oliver has over 20 years’ experience in complex environmental risk modelling, enabling him to deliver bespoke client solutions for clients across diverse industries. Leading on tech and innovation, he continues to develop ground-breaking new products which encapsulate current and future market and client demands. His can-do attitude and unique skill-set allows clients to make informed and confident decisions.

Aaron Jones

Managing the potential impact of nature is never an exact science, so having plenty of experience on the subject goes a long way in finding those all-important solutions. Aaron’s technical wisdom on flood risk and climate change, coupled with his open and honest approach when dealing with a great variety of clients places minds at ease, and allows problems to be more effectively resolved.

Andrew Pullman - Ashfields Solutions
Andrew Pullman

Andrew has witnessed the transformation of the environmental risk sector at first hand, understanding that client decision making should be driven collectively by both industry expertise and best of breed data. As an Ashfield founding member, his passion for doing the right thing for the client is a attribute that resonates across the entire organisation. He is also the Managing Director at D-Risk Group.

Stephen Sykes - Ashfield Solutions
Stephen Sykes

Stephen’s role as Director of Ashfield Risk Transfer Solutions stems from his track record of developing innovative new products and services, combining environmental law, scientific analysis, and insurance expertise. Working at the highest levels in the City of London for much of his career as an environmental lawyer, he also chaired the UK Environmental Law Association between 2015-2O17.

Paul Wood

Paul is an Associate Director at Ashfield Solutions Group. He provides specialist advice and project management services across a number of sectors, including contaminated land, waste soils and materials management and reuse. Paul is also a Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and a CL:AIRE Qualified Person (QP446).

Scott Ratcliffe

Scott has over 20 years’ experience in contaminated land consulting and has held key positions on some of the UK’s most high-profile contaminated land projects. An expert in land condition assessment and remediation, with a particular expertise in Phase 1 and environmental due diligence assessments for a range of clients, from major investment funds to property developers. Scott has excellent communication skills and is driven by providing client-focussed solutions.

Talented and friendly team of experts

Our extremely talented team are passionate about getting the job done right, enabling positive results for you. We work hard to create products and environmental solutions that connect with your needs which also help protect the value of your property or investment. This combined with our no nonsense approach means we can help you to understand and mitigate apparent environmental risks which may be affecting your decision making ability. Added to this is our friendly approach and commitment to delivering the right solution for you. Rest assured you are in safe hands; we will become valuable members of your team.

Asset lifecycle

We help out clients with all aspects of the asset lifecycle, managing risk for property and land through to maximising its end value.

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