Understanding flood risk is key to giving you or your client the confidence needed to make that important property purchase or investment decision. Ashfield has worked in partnership with Future Climate Info to design the most effective appraisal of flood risk available within the legal conveyancing market.

Flood Risk

Introducing the FCI Flood Appraisal

The FCI Flood Appraisal combines the best available flood risk data with unparalleled insight by Ashfield, providing confidence that those investment decisions are driven by the best advice. Homebuyers and commercial property investors will react to flood risk in differing ways, so the advice has been tailored to each consumer. The outcomes will place you in the most informed position, and help maximise the value of a property over its lifetime.


Managing Risk

Flood risk cannot always be fully negated. However, this doesn’t mean the purchase or investment should be abandoned. Ashfield will help define what risk is acceptable as well as the alternative solutions which may be available to manage risk in the long term.

On-site Assessment

Sometimes a desktop appraisal may simply not tell the whole story. Through the addition of an optional site survey, Ashfield’s approachable experts will quickly ascertain how desktop risk transfers to real-world property risk. This enhanced understanding of risk will then be clearly conveyed back to you in plain language.

Further information for Residential clients

Further information for Commercial clients