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Ashfield offers a comprehensive range of flood risk solutions for both residential and commercial properties.

Whether you want to initially check your flood risk or have been told that you need to undertake further investigation or flood assessment, please get in touch so that we can help guide you on the correct path.

No matter how specific your requirements are, as one of the UK’s leading flood risk consultants, we can help.

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    What we do

    Are you looking to manage or reduce flood risk at your property or business? Ashfield can provide a comprehensive flood hazard assessment of risk, coupled with an on-site flood survey to create an all-encompassing report with realistic and holistic solutions.

    We can provide you with budget costs for any associated mitigation methods that are recommended too, giving you a clear picture of exactly what’s required and how much it will cost.

    Buying or selling a property in a flood risk area can be a stressful and daunting thought. Our Property Flood Review report provides a powerful combination of the best available flood risk data, including national and local flood records, with unparalleled flood assessment insight by Ashfield. All reports are compiled in line with the latest Law Society practice note guidance, as well as being reviewed by qualified and experienced flood risk consultants.

    The Property Flood Review report is the perfect follow up report, where a flood risk may have been identified within an environmental search undertaken by your conveyancing solicitor (e.g. Red Flag or Further Action). The additional local searches and detailed property analysis by Ashfield’s expert flood risk consultants provides greater confidence in the degree to which flooding may affect the property. Our assessment can lead to a downgrading of risk, where additional evidence or expertise can support this and, where this is not possible, our assessment provides further confidence and next steps to help make that all-important buying or selling decision.


    With decades of combined experience managing flood risk, our experienced and highly qualified team can offer unparalleled insight into the current and future risk of flooding at your home or commercial property.

    Our Flood Mitigation Survey and accompanying reports are undertaken in line with the latest CIRIA Code of practice for property flood resilience (C790).

    Recommended solutions will cover both flood resistance and resilience approaches where deemed feasible. This includes analysis of both present day and future flood risk, based upon the latest Climate Change predictions.

    Climate Change will lead to wetter weather all year round, meaning that the probability of experiencing flooding will generally increase in future. Ashfield can help you mitigate this ever-increasing risk, keeping you and your property safe should the worst happen.

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    The Process

    Want to know more about how our flood risk consultants work? Each of our services follow a simple, step-by-step process.

    Step 1

    Get in touch with us with your property location details, specifying the service you require (where known).

    Step 2

    We’ll respond with more information about the service, how it works and any other information we may need from you.

    Step 3

    Once we have all the information needed, we will prepare a formal proposal for your review, clearly indicating all fixed costs and anticipated timescales.

    Step 4

    After reviewing and approving our proposal, you can relax while we proceed with the outlined works on your behalf.

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    Who we work with

    At Ashfield Solutions, we work with homebuyers, business owners, investors and property developers. Whether you’d like a flood risk report for peace of mind or you need one compiling in order to redevelop land, our experienced team is here to help.

    Why choose us?

    With a wealth of experience and hundreds of happy customers to our name, Ashfield Solutions is one of the UK’s leading flood risk consultants. Here’s why.

    • Talented, friendly and highly qualified team
    • All reports compiled and carried out in accordance with relevant industry codes of practice
    • Multiple, trusted data sources and expert analysis for unparalleled insight
    • We cover the entirety of the UK, working with homebuyers, business owners, investors and developers

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is flood resistance? + -

    Flood resistance looks to stop internal flooding of a property through the addition of specific mitigation measures onto outer walls, doorways, and other potential water entry points.

    What is flood resilience? + -

    Flood resilience looks to minimise internal damage and disruption to the inside of a property, where flood water entry cannot be fully managed or stopped. The use of water-resistant building materials, moving valuables and utilities higher and having a flood plan are just some of the measures that can lead to minimising the potential disruption that flood water can cause.

    What is a flood plan? + -

    A flood plan outlines all measures that need to be taken prior to flooding, which would lead to the minimisation of the damage and disruption that would be caused by flood water.

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