De-risking Contaminated Land


Here at Ashfield Solutions, we are contaminated land consultants who provide the complete spectrum of land contamination services from Phase 1 Preliminary Risk assessments to developing remediation strategies on complex, high-risk sites. Our assessments are never one size fits all and we are not a jack of all trades – our independence allows us to work with leading specialists to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Our range of land contamination and risk management services is provided below:

De-risking Contaminated Land

We ensure the best possible outcome with a spectrum of land contamination services.

Phase 1 Preliminary (“Desktop”) Assessments 

Supports planning applications to understand and communicate land condition risks.

Delivered to meet industry standards including:

  • Environment Agency’s Land Contamination Risk Management Framework (LCRM)
  • National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF)
  • Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act
    This is one of the ways in which land contamination can be addressed. It provides a means of identifying and remediating land that poses a significant risk to health or the environment, where there is no alternative solution.
  • Our team consider environmental compliance in business operations to reduce the risk of pollution and contamination events occurring.

Phase 2 Site Investigations 

We can help to scope and deliver the most suitable sampling and investigation strategies to ensure you get the information you need for planning or risk management without costing the earth.

Contamination Risk Assessments

Our experts have decades of experience evaluating health and environmental risk from land contamination. We cover single dwelling developments through to large, complex contaminated sites requiring careful planning and regulatory negotiation.

Remediation Strategies 

Our experts can help analyse land contamination risks and help you to manage them to ensure your site is safe for use. You will have an informed position concerning scope programme and contractual position, and integration with sustainable earthwork management.

Remediation Verification 

Good remediation verification is perhaps the most important link in the chain because it provides confidence to property owners, regulators and future purchasers that contamination has been effectively managed. Our in-house experts will support the verification of land remediation projects to ensure the satisfactory completion of works and regulatory approval of completed remediation works.

Land Remediation Tax Relief

Our track record speaks for itself. We’ve worked on some of the most high profile sites in the UK where we have assisted tax consultants in ensuring the appropriate evidence is in place for effective claims.

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