Real-Estate Investor

Real-Estate Investor

Ashfield’s track record of serving institutional real-estate investors saw us surviving and thriving through the challenging period following the 2008 financial crisis.

Our expertise of seeing opportunity where others don’t enable us to make environmentally contentious sites more valuable. We have condensed our most popular real-estate investor offerings below (from Land Remediation UK to Portfolio Analysis and Risk Management). We also do much more, so if these don’t fit your exacting requirements get in touch with us to discuss.


Risk Management & Acquisition Due Diligence

We can help you to confidently buy the environmentally contentious properties that others may shun, or manage out that underlying risk that’s causing you concerns. Our comprehensive approach is driven by using best of breed data coupled with unrivalled expertise. Whether buying or selling, Ashfield can help position you at the forefront of the decision making process.

Environmental issues can emerge from numerous sources, including contamination, flood risk, drainage, or subsidence. Contentious issues may also be coupled with regulatory obligations, disputes over liability, or tenant led dilapidations. We can confidently structure a solution that is to your exacting needs, and our client retention rate speaks volumes of what we can offer with services like Phase 1 Environmental Risk Assessments.

Portfolio Analysis

Economies of scale mean that having an intrinsic understanding of your portfolio’s risk profile is highly likely to maximise your investment return. Through the use of Ashfield’s in-house geospatial mapping and data team, we are able to accrue and review data at volume, taking the strain off your shoulders. Based on your portfolio size and exacting needs, our analysis and results would always be solutions led, ensuring you are fully informed of your next steps.

Land Remediation UK

Land Remediation UK

Make environmentally contentious sites more valuable by utilizing our expertise throughout the remediation process. Successfully managing the remediation of land without costing you the earth calls for a host of multi disciplinary skills, including regulatory knowledge, construction experience and a mutual objective of minimising cost and risk exposure.

To date, the sustainable management of on-site materials has enabled us to divert over a million tonnes from landfill and back into construction projects. This has led to us saving over £85Million in landfill tax for our clients to date. National construction companies such as Wilmott Dixon utilise Ashfield’s skillsets across the UK for reasons just like this, so if you’re looking for Land Remediation UK, we can help.

Risk Transfer Solutions

Site transactions can potentially be blighted by intrinsic environmental issues, often relating to contamination. Whether you are a land investor, or an owner looking to divest, these issues may jeopardise your investment/divestment inventions.

Ashfield Risk Transfer Solutions is a specialist insurance broker, that deals exclusively with large industrial sites that have intrinsic environmental contamination risks. We are unique in the market in that we develop site-specific insurance policies that integrate a highly specialised understanding of environmental, contractual and insurance laws with in-depth technical, scientific risk analysis. The result is that we are able to establish the precise, insurance-backed terms under which an otherwise high-risk site can be more readily transacted.

This has the effect of immediately, and significantly, increasing the value of the land – either for its current owner before a sale, or for the prospective buyer who plans to develop it in ways that may not have otherwise been possible.

Further information can be found through visiting the Ashfield Risk Transfer Solutions Website.

Ashfield Risk Transfer Solutions is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


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