Property Developer

Property Developer

Purchasing and developing land for residential, commercial, or industrial use can potentially be disrupted by underlying environmental risks.

Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessments are most required to support planning applications or comply with planning conditions. Risks can be attributed to historic contamination, flood risk or surface water drainage issues. We can help developers to identify and manage these potentially unknown liabilities, whilst keeping all stakeholders and regulators happy throughout the entire development process.

We provide the below services:


Land Acquisition Due Diligence

We can help you to confidently buy the environmentally contentious properties that others may shun. Our comprehensive approach is driven by using best of breed data coupled with unrivalled expertise to assist the successful fulfilment of your planning and development applications.

Environmental issues can emerge from numerous sources, including contamination, flood risk, drainage, or subsidence. Contentious issues may also be coupled with regulatory obligations, disputes over liability or ownership. We can structure a solution that is to your exacting needs, and our client retention rate speaks volumes of what we can offer.

Land Remediation

Make environmentally contentious sites more valuable by utilizing our expertise throughout the remediation process as part of your development journey. Successfully project managing the remediation of land without it costing you the earth requires a host of multi-disciplinary skills. Making your development project a success requires regulatory knowledge, construction experience and a mutual objective of minimising cost and risk exposure.

To date, the sustainable management of on-site materials has enabled us to divert over a million tonnes from landfill and back into construction projects. This has led to us saving over £85Million in landfill tax for our clients. National construction companies such as Wilmott Dixon utilise Ashfield’s skillsets across the UK for reasons just like this.

Flood risk management

Regulatory Advice and Consultancy

Planning regulations can be complex and challenging to overcome when managing any environmental risk as part of a development. The depth and extent of regulatory intervention on a development can vary depending upon the size, use and geographic location of the project.

Our approachable and friendly team of consultants can guide you through the complexities of ever-changing regulatory requirements. We are well versed in dealing directly with regulators on our clients behalf, whether that be managing permits, licencing, disputes or delivering regulatory compliance.

Flood Risk Management

Flooding has become inherently linked with environmental risk. Future climatic predictions include milder but wetter winters, as well as an increased frequency of short but heavy rainstorms. This has led to local authorities as well as UK and devolved governments setting more stringent but sustainable development standards.

These standards and regulations are emplaced to reduce the potential risk of developments succumbing to flood damage in future, as well as reducing the overall risk to life. Furthermore, the reduction in the dependence of mains surface water drainage through the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) is aimed to manage flood risk at its source.

Ashfield has a distinguished track record in helping clients obtain the relevant approvals required from planning authorities across the UK. Our in-house flood risk management team has the ability to accurately predict the extent of flooding as well as provide practical and realistic solutions to manage any residual risk in order to satisfy regulatory needs. Don’t write-off a project because of flood risk until you have spoken with the experts, as we can help with flood risk management solutions for your project,


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