Sustainable Soil Management


At Ashfield, we treat excavated soils as a resource & not a waste liability. We take a proactive and multidisciplinary approach on construction and development sites to design out waste soils by working within your project teams to drive the most sustainable outcomes. Greenfield or brownfield developments, sustainable regeneration & reuse are at the forefront.

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Sustainable Soil Management

We see opportunities not problems.

Excavated soil can be a resource, not a waste liability.

Working with your construction project teams we use environment risk assessment models and sophisticated earthworks tools to create a materials management plans and options appraisals that provide compliant and sustainable outcomes. We cover greenfield or brownfield developments, sustainable regeneration, and reuse of surplus soils.

Materials Management Plan (MMP)

  • Using our skill and expertise we deliver your MMP in accordance with the industry standard CL:AIRE DoWCoP (Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice)
  • Compliance audits throughout the MMP project lifecycle.
  • Independent verification testing and reporting.
  • We are qualified to undertake reviews and submission of the declarations of third Party MMPs.

Enabling sustainable action

We consider the recovery and import of waste soils for the beneficial re-use of reconstructed soils. This supports soil health in the redevelopment of land and provides environmental and commercial benefits.

We advise and undertake:

  • Waste Soil Recovery Plans that support a Deposit for Recovery Permit Application
  • Environmental Permit Applications
  • Use of Waste in Construction Exemptions

Waste Soils Assessments

Helping you to understand and manage waste liabilities by:

  • Delivering waste soil sampling strategies
  • Chemical composition assessments
  • Classification of waste soils and stones in line with current standards such as WM3, and legislation

Strategic approach

Tailored solutions – no one size fits all.

  • Responsible actions – importance of environmental stewardship
  • UK wide network of experts
  • Fully costed management strategy in line with the waste hierarchy
  • Challenging convention to ensure soil resources are assessed and maximised

Achieving net zero

The building and construction sectors are responsible for one third of global energy consumption. Soils excavated are the biggest source of waste produced in Europe every year – five times the amount of household waste.

We deliver sustainable practices that increase soil carbon storage which can help meet carbon targets.

We track project development across multiple sites and provide feedback metrics on performance.

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Tracking progress to net zero

Our work on sustainable materials and earthworks planning has enabled our clients to save or offset in excess of 1.5m tons of carbon dioxide equivalents(CO2e). That’s the same carbon sequestered by 564,688 acres of forest.