Ashfield Solutions | Ashfield Solutions Group
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Ashfield Solutions

Who we are


Ashfield Solutions offers a commercially driven multi-disciplinary approach to unlocking the value of your land. We hold a unique independent position in the environmental services sector and our expertise is drawn from decades of experience in environmental consulting, remediation contracting and environmental regulation.

We provide specialist advice and project management services across a number of key sectors including banking, commercial and industrial property development, asset management, transportation and the public sector. We always act as our client’s trusted advisor. Our clients come to us to maximise the value of their sites and ultimately to provide money-saving advice.

What we do

Ashfield Solutions works to reduce risk on challenging sites. We identify and manage client risk exposure, minimise costs, and thereby maximize site value.

Our multi-skilled team works to comprehensively understand sites, identify the necessary works and then manage the procurement of specialist contractors to deliver works to exacting specifications and within budgets. Our unique approach secures the best value for procured services and helps to anticipate and avoid unforeseen costs.

Who we work with

Whether the objective is buying, selling or developing land, Ashfield aligns its services with its clients’ best interests to achieve a suitable, protected site at minimum cost. We aim to avoid unnecessary remediation and we work in a simple and professional manner, producing environmental reports that are relevant and matter.

Ashfield acts for a wide range of clients, from those with single sites to some of the largest commercial and financial institutions in the UK and Ireland. We have assisted both private and public sector organisations to save substantial sums of money, streamline development proposals and avoid environmental liability and cost exposure.