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When is a flood risk assessment required?

A flood risk assessment is required when looking to buy a new home, obtaining planning permission or prior to installing flood protection measures 

We take a look at these reasons in further detail below:  

Buying a new home

Undertaking due diligence is a given when buying a new home but many don’t realise that assessing flood risk is a vital part of this. The FCI Flood Appraisal provides a powerful combination of the best available flood risk data from FCI with unparalleled flood assessment insight by Ashfield and numerous trusted national and local data sources.  

Planning permission 

Depending on the type of development, and its proximity to an area that has a predicted or historical risk of flooding, the Local Planning Authority may request that you undertake a site-specific Flood Risk Assessment. We will work to address any conditions outlined by the Local Planning Authority on your behalf, and where required provide recommendations on how to manage any residual risk for the development’s lifetime. Our experts can help navigate you through these complexities.  

Flood Protection and Mitigation 

If you are looking to reduce flood risk at your home or business premises conducting a flood risk assessment will help to identify areas of concern and solutions to help protect your property. Our Flood Mitigation Survey and accompanying reports are undertaken in line with the latest CIRIA Code of practice for property resilience (C790). We consider flood resistance and resilience approaches where it is deemed feasible. This includes analysis of both present day and future flood risk, based upon the latest Climate Change predictions. 

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