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What to do with a ‘Further Action’?

A search report can make or break a Property deal, so it’s vital that you are provided with the best analysis possible. Homebuyers often get cold feet if problems arise, but this can be overcome if a risk can be further explained and understood. When a Further Action is raised in an environmental search, Ashfield has worked closely with FCI to source local area knowledge coupled with Ashfield’s consultancy expertise to explain away or fully legitimise this risk.

We understand when a Further Action is identified it can be frustrating for all parties, causing delay to the purchase process, potentially jeopardising you or your client’s experience. It’s therefore vital to be armed with as much helpful advice as possible to inform your forward decision-making process.

Knowledge is power

Homebuyers need to be armed with all the information to make the best-informed decision on what is one of the most important purchases we make. For anyone who has gone through the process, buying a home is stressful, especially when involving time pressures and chains. Anything that can create a delay is disheartening but going through the full environmental search process is vitally important in order to secure a safe investment.

Make an informed decision

There is no right or wrong in this scenario. It is a personal choice for each homebuyer, based on the information available. Ashfield have worked alongside Future Climate Info to make this decision-making process as simple as it can be via the FCI Flood Appraisal. This report not only looks to legitimise any risk initially flagged but will also provide guidance on the potential availability of a mortgage or insurance at that Property based upon any outstanding risk.

Affordable and fast

This affordable, Property specific enhanced flood risk review gives you an all-encompassing appraisal of the flood risk. We understand speed is of the essence during the home buying process, and that is why every report can be turned around within three working days. In comparison, a traditional flood report may take up to four weeks to complete.

Downgrading Risk

During this process there is the ability to potentially downgrade the Further Action status, with the inclusion of legitimate solutions to manage any residual risk that may exist. We are very proud of our track record in achieving this.

Futureproofing your decision

In some circumstances a residual risk may remain, however, we can provide focused solutions that are tangible for that specific Property. The FCI Flood Appraisal also includes general maintenance tips and guidance on any additional assessment required where future redevelopment of the Property is intended through the planning permission process. We aim to bring clarity and confidence to the whole Property owning process.

Click the below link to take you to the full FCI Flood Appraisal product card, or talk to us to find out more.

Residential Report

Commercial Report

We understand when a Further Action is identified it can be frustrating for all parties, causing delay to the purchase process