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Surface Water Flooding

Is Surface Water flooding getting worse?

Surface water flooding occurs when intense rainfall overwhelms drainage systems.  In recent years we have seen a significant increase in the frequency of torrential rain causing widespread flooding across the UK and the Met Office’s UK climate projections show more extreme weather events and sea levels rising resulting from climate change.  These threats are placing greater danger upon homeowners increasing the need to identify and understand all areas of potential flood risk, especially during the property purchase process. A recent study from Heriot-Watt University also revealed flooding in the UK could increase by an average of 15-35 per cent by 2080 due to the increasingly severe effects of climate change.

More than 3.2 million properties in England are at risk of surface water flooding and, like all flooding, it can cause devastation to communities. Due to the localised nature of such heavy rain, it can also be difficult to predict (Source: DEFRA). Unlike flooding from rivers, surface water flooding can happen many miles from a river, often in places that people would not expect because it is a long way from a river or stream – it happens simply because there is nowhere else for the rainwater to go. Surface water flooding problems can be caused by what might sometimes seem small or rather mundane issues, such as a blocked grate over a drain, as well as more major ones like inadequate drainage arrangements for a new property development. It can be about maintenance of ditches, drains or sewers, and clearing of gullies and trash screens.

As our climate changes and we experience more frequent short bouts of heavy rainfall it is important for homebuyers to be aware of any potential risks that may affect the insurability, and value of their potential new home.

Our FCI Flood Appraisal brings clarity and confidence to this and complements Future Climate Info’s comprehensive range of due-diligence products, providing an enhanced view where a known flood risk exists. We provide all the information up front to help shape the best-informed decision during the property buying process delivering an enhanced view where known flood risk exists. The FCI Flood Appraisal is a property specific, fully manually assessed report, detailing expert independent insight.

Ashfield’s qualified flood consultants consider multiple flood modelling data sources and flood mapping together with additional property-specific information to provide an enhanced analysis where a plausible flood risk has been shown to exist. Important property attributes are considered, including the review of local authority data, site imagery and topography and a search of local drainage problems. The culmination of these efforts is an unrivalled level of evaluation and insight at an affordable price providing homebuyers with complete peace of mind and confidence for the future.

We also provide a full Professional Opinion from Ashfield’s expert team backed by robust Professional Indemnity cover, including a summary of potential impacts to the property, details of revised flood risk where applicable and an all-important insurability statement. To add further value for the end-client in ensuring that they think ahead and consider the future of the property, Ashfield also provide advice on any potential redevelopment considerations and occupation or operational risks in relation to possible flood events. By working together with Future Climate Info, we use our combined expertise to translate complex information into something simple and easy to understand, making the homebuying process much easier.

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More than 3.2 million properties in England are at risk of surface water flooding